sobota, 6 września 2014

Oh you're so naive yet so!


Hello to all of you... (at this point & after all that time I should give you a more personalized name I think and here it is:
Hello to all of you crazy cats! It's been quite a while (again...), but I had to put my college stuff together and I was abroad working as a barkeeper (did I mention that I love that job?!), I know I know - no excuses! But luckily I'm back now, as a fresh Ivy Ligue University Student! Everything went really well and my new life seems to become better and better (wish me luck because there's some really sick stuff going on!)  Anyways, todays post is short and the look very simple, but that's the outfit I'm wearing most of the time now. It's casual, it's comfy, it has quite a brit-rock flair (that's why you can hear The Kooks above) & it's perfect to chase the metro (espacially on monady mornings). I love the "one roll way" to wear pants and I think I'll never get rid off wearing shirts in "the tuk way"(this is how you call "putting your top inside your pants at the front and let the rest hang loose")
p.s.: I'm writing posts in english now, because it's difficult to translate it in 3 languages, please be understanding.

love ya